Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results; combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer who has fine tuned this method over 30 years. Sally was the first Australian certified Marisa Peer Practitioner, personally trained by Marisa in the UK & continues ongoing coaching & development with Marisa. Sally also works closely with a group of Hypnotherapists, Psychologists & Psychotherapists who all agree this is the most effective method they have ever used or encountered. 


Hypnotherapy is used as the vehicle because of its ability to allow access to the subconscious (the part of our mind that holds the info & keys to our freedom). The direct access via hypnosis means the information required to understand what is going on for you is readily available, as opposed to endless talking & telling your story session after session in the hope that the source of the issue might eventually be found.

What does this mean…?

We can effectively work through the issues (old beliefs) that rapidly come to the surface in order for you to process, understand, heal & rewire new, more beneficial, healthy beliefs & patterns.

Understanding & freedom around an issue is yours to take with you at the end of just one session. We’re all unique so occasionally it may take another one or two sessions per issue. Depression & anxiety may require several sessions.

This is not a band aid, the changes & freedom are permanent.

Understanding is power & that's why anyone ever goes to therapy... to understand, in order to be free. The rapid nature of the method means you don't have to continue to be weighed down whilst you're waiting to understand why you do & feel the things you do. Your mind holds the information you need to understand the cause of what is holding you back & this method ensures you find it quickly & easily.

You deserve the freedom you’ll find…

Rapid Transformational Therapy

If you want freedom...

What next?

Click the Apply Now button to apply for a session. Like all information shared with me, it is kept strictly confidential.

You will be contacted to confirm your application & an appointment date & time will be offered. *see FAQs

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Enjoy the experience of your session.

Listen to your recording. Choose FREEDOM. Enjoy FREEDOM.

Debrief & ask questions in your 30min follow up session 3-4wks later... (Phone, Online or Clinic)

Spread your wings & continue to soar.

How Long?

Sessions are approximately 90 minutes (up to 2 hours)

How many?

Most issues only require 1 session, occasionally people need more, depression & anxiety can take more than 1. It's important that you listen to your personalised rewire recording daily for at least 3 weeks after your session.


Clinic Spit Rd, Mosman NSW

or Online in the comfort of your home no matter where you are.




I tried a lot of different things over the years to help change my frame of mind and got tired of waiting for results that were yet to manifest. What Sally has to offer sounded too good to be true, but I was at a point in my life where I was willing to try anything to feel better. 
It wasn't an instant cure for me by any means, it did take a few weeks of strength and determination on my behalf, but Sally gave me the tools and showed me how to use them better than anyone else has in the past.
6 weeks on now, my friends and family can see a huge change in my attitude and behaviour. Small things that would would usually de-rail me for days don't even show up on the radar and I finally have the courage and confidence to make some much-needed life changes.

It's one thing to have someone tell you that you need to value yourself and that you are capable and have a wonderful life... it's another to actually believe it. And for the first time, I do!
I cannot recommend this transformational therapy highly enough - Honestly, if you are sick and tired of spending all your time (and money) and seeing no change, it's time to call Sally.



Life changing!! I now have a new life without anxiety, thank you so much Sally!  

It was easy and eye opening, and now I feel free.

I now realise that this is how other people have lived all this time. Now I get to do it too!

- anxiety client

I’d never tried hypnotherapy before. I was nervous and unsure but totally open to the possibility of rapid transformation- who wouldn’t be?What have I got to lose?! 
I had the most amazing time with Sally, she is so warm and insightful. 
I received a recording at the end of my session which I love. Sally's voice is so calming and beautiful to listen to.

I was skeptical about whether one session would really make a difference but it has! 
 As a Mum of three little ones it is so convenient to do these one off sessions rather than having to commit to regular appointments.

- kristi. music teacher, Newcastle

I have had two sessions with Sally, after seeing therapists for over thirty years. I had lost hope. A colleague recommended Sally to me. I wasn't sure at first but I have no regrets. Sally is amazing! I instantly felt her warmth and care for what she does. I feel like I am slowly starting to transform. I know I have a bit of work to do. I am starting to believe that I have the power to change my negativity into a more positive way of looking at myself and gain control over my life. Sally is the first therapist I have seen that has been able to give me hope and show me that my life is changing for the better.


Sally gets incredible results with her clients. A while ago I had the great pleasure of being one of her clients and seeing my life transform from anxiety-ridden every day, to sleeping like a baby and a calm and confident outlook on life. It does exactly what it says on the tin! Transforms rapidly! I can’t believe that this is my life now and if I could give someone else the opportunity to have freedom from their demons, physical or mental I’d be so happy & this why I share my story. She can treat anything.

— Rachel. Business Owner, Sydney

Sally is a miracle worker. I have struggled for years with emotional eating, I felt trapped and hopeless until Sally finally provided me with the tools to set myself free. 

I now feel as though I can “take it or leave it” when it comes to food, something I have been PRAYING for, for many years. 

Sally is a natural healer. I felt honoured, accepted and totally safe in our session, able to open up about painful suppressed memories which I’ve never been able to tell a soul, not even a friend, or counsellor, or even a partner, such is Sally’s value as a Rapid Transformational Therapist. 

If you desire powerful transformation and to live the life of your dreams stop wasting time and book a session. 

I promise you will be so glad you did!

— Erin. Wholistic Medicine Practioner, Sydney

I'm so glad I went to see Sally. I've known for years that there must be a reason for my addictive behaviours but could never work it out. After only one session - i'ts crystal clear. I'm so relieved! I feel lighter and my current sugar addiction cravings and obsession have diminished considerably. I feel so much better. Thank you Sally. Great work!!!


Thank you so much for your excellent and professional approach.

Your voice is a delight to listen to and I feel home already after the first minutes of listening to my recording.

You are really an exceptional therapist.

- Nathalie. Hypnotherapist, Canada

As a therapist, I understand the importance of & that there are different ways to tap into the subconscious to reveal what we need to know in order to heal the past.

Prior to my session with Sally, I had not experienced hypnotherapy & can now describe it as a very FAST & effective way to access the subconscious. 

During our sessions I walk down the halls of my own past, I find and discard beliefs and opinions that no longer serve my life in a positive way.

Hypnotherapy does not need to be feared, rather revered as a way to embrace positive new belief systems, which for me have created different ways to live that I can only describe as new found freedom to be the real me.

— Di. Childhood Trauma Specialist, Hunter Valley

Sally is skilled, compassionate, personable, present and warm. She is convinced totally of the power of the mind and knows how to help us transform it for positivity in change. I love her work. She is able to handle the deeper concepts in ease and grace. I recommend Sally absolutely.

- Katherine. Naturopath, Port Macquarie

Thank you so much for my session, I already feel a shift in my body as it begins to idle rather than accelerate. Woohoo!


— Client June 2016

Thank you for the RT session where we focused on the underlying cause of the anxiety I was feeling around keeping things in order. Uncovering the deeper reasons and seeing that past events were manifesting in feelings of stress and loss of control was incredibly helpful in overcoming the difficulties I was facing. Working on this with you in the safe and nurturing space you created has helped me regain a calmer, more peaceful life & has strengthened my relationship with my daughter in particular.

— Nic. Corporate Management, Sydney

#anxietyfree #youdeservethefreedomyoullfind

#anxietyfree #youdeservethefreedomyoullfind




If you are a human & have areas in your life that you are ready to change,

this therapy is for you... especially if you suffer with anxiety.

I specialise in anxiety & helping those who suffer from it, to find the freedom they deserve. 

Of course it's possible to help anyone with any issue (& I'm happy to) however, I specialise in anxiety because I believe so deeply that it's a completely unnecessary pain for people to carry & it plagues far too many lives.

Imagine what life might look like if you lived without the debilitating effects of the worries you carry...

This is not, come chat about your problems type therapy, this is for those who are ready and who have had enough of the things that hold them back, that inhibit or prevent them from success, love, connection, peace, balance etc or even to simply get out of bed in the morning, get out of the house & face the day with confidence & calm.

No matter your age, gender, sexuality or ethnicity, how you experience life is based on the way you perceive it & these perceptions/beliefs can be questioned & altered in order for your experience to be changed for the better.

Your mind holds the keys to unlock your blocks.. You deserve the freedom you'll find.





Helping people find freedom from the issues that hold them back in life, is what sets Sally on fire; to help them find a deeper understanding & appreciation for themselves & to empower them to live the life they truly want. Helping people to understand their thoughts & the power they hold, equips them with the power to change anything. Sally loves her work & feels deeply honoured to be able to offer people such freedom.

Sally is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapist trained & recommended by Marisa Peer. Sally also has a vast background in the study of the mind & human behaviour from Yogic Philosophy, Neuroplasticity to Mind Mastery. Sally offers a range of services from private sessions to hosting & facilitating life-changing retreats & seminars.

The method I utilise is ridiculously effective, I am fortunate to have been taught a very similar method by my Mother at a young age. My Mother was a great therapist & offered her clients amazing freedom, however her practice was based in/on religion & I have been seeking a modality of similar structure, that offers the same lasting results without a religious base. When I came across Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy I knew I had finally found the perfect method for me. In some ways, you could say I grew up with the modality I now call my own.
I don’t believe in simply talking about issues, mental band aids or temporary fixes. I believe acceptance is a part of freedom but I certainly don’t believe that we’re stuck with how things are, we have the power to change them & I can help you do that. I want to ensure you are free as quickly as possible, life is short, I don't want either of us to waste or time, it's too precious.
In order to be free its important to find the source or root of the issue/programming in order to understand, heal & move on in freedom.
My approach is different to most therapists… I am highly professional AND I AM REAL. I understand pain, I’ve experienced many things in my own life & if it’s required, I am prepared to draw on those things in order to help you. I believe that connection is fundamental in all things & therefore I’m confident & comfortable in truly connecting with my clients & as a result my clients feel very safe & comfortable with me. I might cry with you… I’m prepared to feel with & for you, this is considered poorly if you’re offering a textbook based therapy, I’m pleased to NOT offer you a standard experience with standard outcomes.
I am exceptionally good at what I do & I have been trained by the best, the method is simple & highly, highly, highly effective. I am not a doctor, if you want a doctor you should go see one…
If you want a maverick with an excellent, innovative approach, who can help you find lasting change & freedom, you should come see me...
I can't wait to help you.
Sally Guthrie

On a more personal note...

We all have pain & life is a journey, sometimes people perceive that a therapist should have it all together, I'm human, like you & am on my own process of evolution. My gift is helping others find freedom, I am fortunate that this means I have found loads of my own freedom & understanding along the way but I am not perfect & don't pretend to be. 

Snap shot: I am the youngest of 6 children & grew up in a blended family. I am a mumma, I have 2 spectacular daughters... I was married for 15 years, I understand the pain of divorce & betrayal. I understand (in a very real way) the ongoing recovery & trials post relationship with a Narcissist. I know what it takes to rediscover yourself later in life, the struggle & the reward. I understand the ups & downs of long term relationships & all that comes with that; how easy it is to 'lose' yourself in the role of mother & wife; the pressures of single parenting, shared parenting & broken families; the intensity & trials of simply being a parent, no matter the situation, it can be a tough gig. My mother died when I was 21, 2 weeks before my wedding, grief is something I'm very familiar with. In my adult life I have been 48kgs & more than 120kgs, I know what it takes to lose weight, the pain & struggle of being overweight & the effects of poor body image. My 2 girls are IVF & were my gift after 5 years of the heartache of infertility. I spent many years in the corporate world & understand it's pressures. I've been an entrepreneur for many years now & understand the swings & roundabouts & the power of clearing your blocks. Growing up in a very religious setting I understand the unlayering required to question all you've ever known & to form your own beliefs & find YOUR truth.

We are SO much more than our experiences but we learn & grow via them & I am grateful for ALL of them (both the amazing & the shit house).

This much I am CERTAIN of, it's never about the experience itself, it's always about the meaning we give it...




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Yes. Hypnosis & in particular Rapid Transformational Therapy has worked & continues to work for thousands of people just like you, no matter the issue. It's simple, effective & proven.

Will I be asleep?

No. You are awake and alert, aware of everything that is happening throughout the session.


No. You are in charge. You cannot be made to do anything and you cannot be taken into hypnosis against your will. It is your experience, I simply facilitate you.

Why do I have to apply for a session?

Sally would love to help everyone but due to demand, it's not possible to see every person that applies therefore Sally selects the clients she knows will benefit most from this therapy. This assures you that you will only be offered an appointment if Sally feels certain she can help you.


During your session, you will feel, relaxed & comfortable. Hypnosis is a natural state that you experience in your day to day life so it won't feel unfamiliar.

Everyone is different & depending on how deeply you work, you might leave the clinic bouncing out of your skin with excitement or you may feel a sense of reflection or wonder. You may continue to discover even more about yourself & your programming post session. Whether you feel excited or reflective, you will always leave my clinic with a sense of understanding, freedom & empowerment.

What if I can't be hypnotised?

You can. Everyone can. As long as you wish to enter hypnosis, you will. It's an easy, enjoyable and thoroughly relaxing process.

Am I assured of confidentiality?

Absolutely. All clients are assured of confidentiality about any disclosed material, in accordance with professional codes of ethics. I do not contact other practitioners or doctors who the client may also be under, without the client’s permission. I destroy inactive files after three years in order to assure clients total confidentiality.

Will I be charged for my 30min Follow up?

No, your 30min follow up is included in the initial booking price & is a great opportunity to recap, ask questions & gain even further insight. It's also a chance to discuss any other issues you may want to address in the future.




Online Sessions are available for clients out of area, online sessions are equally as effective as face to face & more than 50% of Sally's session are online. Currently Zoom is used, it is reliable, easy & free for you. All instructions are provided.


Hypnosis allows direct access to the 'reasons' we do what we do & react the way we react etc saving you hours even years in talk therapy, searching for the source. The source of our issues are usually based on an age appropriate understandings. When you're able to observe yourself & these understandings from a non judgemental perspective it's relatively easy to let them go & move onto rewiring new belief that are more beneficial.

Sometimes it can take more than one session per issue but as a rule most issues only take one session. I don't want to waste my time or yours which is why I treat this way. Don't worry, if you wish to see me again we all have many more than one issue to address in life.

*Please note long term depression & anxiety can take several sessions.



You are in complete control during hypnosis & if you don't wish to share something, you won't. It's ok to keep details to yourself, I can still help you as long as you can tell me how the unnamed details affect you (as in how they make you feel).


Yes. Regression is an invaluable way to discover the source of an issue. You will not re experience anything, you will simply observe events or experiences you have had in your past. What you see may make you sad or joyful but either way you will feel completely safe as you observe.

What Ages do you work with?

5 years to 105 years - although clients under 18 are on a case by case basis. It's important to note that no matter the age it must be the CLIENT'S highest priority that is addressed in a session (this often differs from parental priorities)